Do you want to make a breakthrough in your event or business despite all the noise on social media? When it comes to making an impact on social media, Facebook ad is king. There are a variety of events you can promote via advertising on Facebook. This can range from a new business, new blog posts, local business, offers, small business, a website to even big business.

This article aims to expose you to the types of Facebook ads you can use to promote your business or events. Let’s take a look at them.

Facebook Website Clicks

Facebook website clicks ads enables you to link specific pages on your site to the news feed of the targeted audience. You can do this on your mobile, desktop or laptop. This ad is useful if you want to drive traffic to a blog post on your website.

Website Conversions

Website conversion ads enable you to drive visitors to your website or a landing page with the aim of turning them into subscribers, sales, or leads. Before creating this Facebook ad, don’t forget to add a conversion-tracking pixel to your website.

You can do this in your Facebook Ads Manager. The pixel should be added to every page on your website to track your performance. For instance, tracking the order confirmation page to know when a purchase is made or the thank you page to note when someone sends in a lead form. You can place the website conversion ads on the news side either on the right sidebar, mobile, or desktop.

Event Responses

Event responses ads enable you to get notifications on your upcoming events along with feedback from those you have invited. You can place this ad on the right sidebar for your desktop user. This ad makes it easy for you to monitor your event and ensure you reach out to a significant amount of people.

Page Post Engagement

This Facebook ad enables you to boost share, likes, and comments on your Facebook page posts. You can use photo, video or text ads in the news feed for both mobile users, desktop and also on the right sidebar, Page Engagement are effective for driving traffic to your photo, videos or even inform people about an event you want to host or a business you started.

Page likes

Page likes ads enable you to target audiences which have the most likelihood of converting into business and convince them to regulars on your fan page. Page like ads are suitable for startups, local businesses as well as big business.

App Installs

The ads allow you to increase the number of visitors on your mobile app. You can place the app install ads in the news feed your mobile phone.

App Engagement

App Engagement ads make it easy for you to encourage people to download your app more often. This Facebook ad is vital especially when you have just designed a new app, and you want people to make use of it. You can also place it in the news feed of your mobile phone.

Offer Claims

If you want to drive people to your online store, the offer claims ads can do this for you using a special offer. The offer would attract the right people to your store thus ensuring conversion. Offer claims ads are suitable for digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Video Views

Video views ads enable you to increase views on your video. It is optimized by Facebook to be visible to people most likely to view your videos on Facebook. If you want your video to reach a lot of people, then video views are the most effective add for this purpose.

Premium Ads

Facebook offers the premium ad placement for people who want to ensure that their ads show up on the right sidebar or the news feed of targeted users. The ad is typically for top business owners with higher ad budgets than an average small, medium entrepreneur.

Facebook ads are useful when it comes to driving traffic, leads, and conversion to your business or page when you need to advertise your event or increase view on your video or photos. Hence, I hope by now you understand what type of ad is suitable for your need, so you don’t overpay or underpay.