One vital question business people ask today is, “What marketing technique is most effective when it comes to lead generation? However, this question is almost impossible to answer. It assumes that there is a unique technique that will automatically turn an individual who has never seen or heard of your business into paying client. To be honest- it’s not that easy.

Spending lots of cash to drive qualified traffic to your website does not guarantee that your visitor will be ready to use your service or product right away. So, instead of looking for that marketing technique that will guarantee conversions, it’s better to focus on how your marketing and sales cycle can work together to getting you the results you seek. A sales funnel can get you that result.

What is a Sales Funnel?

In simple terms, a sales funnel demonstrates the ideal path your potential customers pass through before becoming real customers. Although you may market your services or products to thousands of people, it’s only a small percentage that will end up providing their contact information and become leads. And of these leads, just a tiny fraction becomes real clients

So, you can now see why it is called a sales funnel. You need to funnel potential clients down to get that fantastic new client. To shed more light on this, let’s divide the marketing funnel into stages.

Attract: Advertising and marketing which bring visitors to your landing page or website.
Convert: Offers that compels visitors to provide their contact information
Close: Efforts which turns leads into paying clients
Delight: Quality product/ service that makes your customers happy and attract referrals.
Why you need a Sales Funnel?

The Sales Cycle isn’t automatic

Depending on your service or product, the sales cycle range from a few hours to a few months. You can never tell where people will be in that cycle when you arrive on your landing page; hence, unless you make use of traffic acquisition channel created to attract only ready clients, there is a chance that your visitor will NOT turn to paying customers.